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Hammergirl Anime!
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One Piece Figure: POP Don Quiote
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Bushiroad Deck Protector Sleeves: Gurren Lagann Part.2
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Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Figure: 1/8 Corticarte Apa Lagrange
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Love Live! Notebook: Double Ring: Hoshizora Rin (Halloween Version)
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Project Arms DVD: Volume 5 [CLEARANCE]
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Tsubasa Wristband: Kurogane
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WGP 2018 Decklists and Interviews!

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Decklists and Interviews
WGP 2018 Nationals

Phoenix, AZ - Dragon Girl TCG
Hacienda Hght, CA - Hobby Shop Ichiban
Miami, FL - Florida International University
Indianapolis, IN - Family Time Games
Kennesaw, GA - Win Condition Games
Honolulu, HI - Toylynx
Birmingham, AL - Card Addicts
Springfield, IL - Illiana/Midwest Playgroup
Raleigh, NC - Game Theory
Edmonton, AB - Adventurers' Guild
Abington, MA - Battleground Games Abington
Calgary, AB - Sentry Box
Port Coquitlam, BC - Treasure Chest
Las Vegas, NV - Darkside
Cedar Grove, NJ - Time Warp
Renton, WA - Shane's Cards
San Diego, CA - At Ease
Santa Clara, CA - Legends
Centreville, VA - The Island Games
Brewer, ME - Central Maine
Skokie, IL - Gamers World
Rochester, NY - Hammergirl Anime
Essex Junction, VT - Black Knight Comics
Edmonton, AB - Connexxions Cafe
Burnaby, BC - Strictly Broken
Bogota, Columbia - Akihabara Coleccionables
La Puente, CA - Card Arena
Sugarland, TX - IDEA
Flushing, NY - Card Quest
Champaign, IL - Enchantment Alley
Columbus, OH - Card Academy
Catskill, NY - Kirwan's
Norton, MA - Battleground Games Norton
Toronto, ON - Toronto Community

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