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WGP Ban/Restriction List for WGP 2023

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If you are unfamiliar with the terms used below, check the 'How To Play' link for official list - this page is for ease of reading only.
Note: cards with alternate RRR/SP/SR/TD numbering/art (exs. IMC/W41-002 + IMC/W41-002SP, NK/W30-T08 + NK/W30-022) are considered the same, and are equally restricted.
Japanese Titles Disallowed in the North American WGP Qualifier
(all Regionals, Last-Chance, and National Finals):

Macross F (マクロスF) - cards with "MF/"
Girl Friend Beta (ガールフレンド(仮)) - cards with "GF/"
School Girl Strikers (スクールガールストライカーズ) - cards with "SGS/"
Star Wars - cards with "SW/Dsw/"
Godzilla - cards with "GZL/"
Lost Decade - cards with "LOD/"
Jojo - cards with "JJ/"
Marvel - cards with "MAR/Dmv/"
Project Sekai - cards with "PJS/"
Disney/Pixar - cards with "Dmv/Dsw/Dpx/Dds/PXR/Dpx/"

Assault Lily
Up to 2 copies allowed: "To Protect That Smile" Kanaho (ALL/S90-008, ALL/S90-008SP)
2 Choose 1:
Shenlin, Blooming Dignifiedly (ALL/S76-001, ALL/S76-001SP, ALL/SE37-13, ALL/SE37-13S)
"Lily of the Season" Yuyu (ALL/S90-052, ALL/S90-052LLR)

Bang Dream!
Banned: Kasumi, Searching for Shine BD/W47-P28, BD/W47-P28S
3 Choose 1:
Arisa Ichigaya (BD/W47-082, BD/W47-082SP)
"Clive" Arisa (BD/W47-099)
Hard Work Bread (BD/W54-065)

D_Cide Traumerei

Up to 2 copies allowed: Rando, Dreamer High School Student (DCT/S86-079, DCT/S86-079SP)
3 Choose 1:
Ariya, Top Idol (DCT/S86-002, DCT/S86-002SP)
Eru, Noticing Her Own Feelings (DCT/S86-076, DCT/S86-076SP)
Eru, Incredible Transfer Student DCT/S86-088

Da Capo & Dal Segno

2 Choose 1:
Anzu in Swimsuits (DC/W01-091, DC/WC01-091, DC/W81-P02S)
Xylophone Fortune Reading (DC/W01-095, DC/WC01-095, DC/W81-P01S)

Date a Live

Up to 2 copies allowed: "Worst Spirit" Kurumi (DAL/W79-053, DAL/W79-053SEC)
2 Choose 1:
"Void Sword" Tohka (DAL/W79-079, DAL/W79-079S)
Yoshino, Springtime Moment (DAL/W79-088)

3 Choose 1:
Illya, Silver Thread Alchemy: Engel Lied FS/S34-078, FS/S34-078S, FS/S77-079, FS/S77-079S
"Patrol in the Middle of the Night" Rin & Archer FS/S36-P03
Rin & Archer, Heroic FS/S64-063, FS/S64-063S


Banned: Unlinking Information SY/W08-T16, SY/W08-097

Hina Logic ~ from Luck & Logic ~
Banned: Principal, Watching Over (HLL/WE29-11)

Hololive Production

BANNED: Ayame Nakiri, Aniki (HOL/W104-099, HOL/W104-099S)
5 Choose 1:
Sora Tokino, Together Towards the Future (HOL/W91-037, HOL/W91-037SSP)
Sora Tokino (HOL/W91-049, HOL/W91-049S)
Gawr Gura, A Step Towards the Future (HOL/W104-113, HOL/W104-113S, HOL/W104-113SP)
Watson Amelia, A Step Towards the Future (HOL/W104-024, HOL/W104-024S, HOL/W104-024SP)
Kanata Amane, On Stage (HOL/W91-T108, HOL/W91-T108SP)

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

2 Choose 1:
Kei, True Battle of Geniuses (KGL/S79-024, KGL/S79-024SP)
Ai, Inspiring Courage (KGL/S79-077, KGL/S79-077S)

Kantai Collection
Up to 2 Copies allowed: Junyou, 2nd Hiyou-class Light Aircraft Carrier KC/S25-028
2 Choose 1:
Hatsukaze, 7th Kagero-class Destroyer KC/S25-006, KC/S42-105
Hibiki, 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer KC/S25-056

4 Choose 1:
Ayu, Memories And Taiyaki (Kka/W102-003, Kka/W102-003SP)
The Day I Became a Treasure (Kdb/W102-068, Kdb/W102-068S)
Misuzu, the Last Summer Vacation (Kai/W102-077, Kai/W102-077SP)
Kamome, Whisker Cat Group (Ksm/W102-037, Ksm/W102-037S)

Little Busters
Up to 2 Copies allowed:
Rest! LB/W06-096

Love Live! Sunshine!!
Up to 1 Copy allowed: "MIRAI TICKET" You Watanabe (LSS/WE27-21, LSS/WE27-21SP)
2 Choose 1:
"Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM" Ruby Kurosawa (LSS/W45-005, LSS/W45-005R)
"MIRAI TICKET" Riko Sakurauchi (LSS/WE27-19, LSS/WE27-19SP)

Love Live! Super Star!!
BANNED: Sumire, Galaxy (LSP/W92-062)
2 Choose 1:
Song For All!! (LSP/W92-038)
Keke, Liella! (LSP/W92-083, LSP/W92-083S)

4 Choose 1:
Ainz, Sorcerer King (OVL/S99-028, OVL/S99-028SP)
Shalltear, Vampire Ancestor (OVL/S62-062)
Aura, Sigh of Mental Manipulation (OVL/S62-106)
Aura, Full of Self-Confidence (OVL/S99-104)


Banned: Akinari Kamiki P3/S01-014, P3/SC01-014

Quintessential Quintuplets

Up to 2 copies allowed: Nino Nakano, Start of Love 5HY/W90-052, 5HY/W90-052SSP
3 Choose 1:
Important Amulet (5HY/W83-100)
Nino Nakano, The World Still Goes Around (5HY/W90-053, 5HY/W90-053S)
Ichika Nakano, Middle of Light Sleep (5HY/W90-061, 5HY/W90-061S)

Saekano - How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

2 Choose 1:
Izumi, Surprise Present (SHS/W56-005, SHS/W56-005S)
Megumi, New Story (SHS/W71-056, SHS/W71-056SP)

Sword Art Online

Banned: Alice, Straightforward Path (SAO/S100-011, SAO/S100-011S)
4 Choose 1:
Asuna, Time of Reunion (SAO/S71-001, SAO/S71-001SP)
Heathcliff, ::Knights of the Blood:: Guild Leader (SAO/S71-012, SAO/S71-012S)
Sortiliena, Party Dress (SAO/S100-037, SAO/S100-037S)
Leafa, Bond of Siblings (SAO/S100-025, SAO/S100-025SP)


4 Choose 1:
Hibiki, Energetic (SG/W89-012)
Kirika, Holy Chant (SG/W89-034, SG/W89-034S)
Shirabe, Amalgam (SG/W89-028, SG/W89-028SP)
Chris, Amalgam (SG/W89-054, SG/W89-054SSP+) © 2011- Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice