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WGP 2023 Info Center

Nationals Info!

Nationals Weekend: Dec 2-4, Rochester NY
  • Last Chance Qualifier: Dec 2, RIT Fireside Lounge, 10AM
  • WS Nationals: Dec 3, RIT Fireside Lounge, 10AM, **Invite Required to Nationals**
  • RE Last Chance Qualifier and Nationals: Dec 4, RIT Fireside Lounge, 10AM, **Invite Required to Nationals**
    Invites are earned from top spots at Regionals and the Last Chance Qualifiers

    >> WGP Parking Info Click Here <<

  • NOTE 1: a Restriction List is in effect
    for the North American WGP 2023 Event. Check back for dated updates.

    NOTE 2:English Edition cards are not allowed in the WGP.
    This also includes all English Exclusive releases.

    >> Decklists and Interviews! Click here! <<

    The NA WGP is a continent-spanning tournament season, the winner of which represents the entire region at the Worlds in Japan!

    Players from all over compete in Regionals in their area. Top players from there (and attendees of the Last Chance Qualifier) qualify for the National Event in Rochester, NY to compete for glory! Winner for WS and RE (and, for WS, 2nd place!) receive a trip to Japan - airfare and hotel accomodations - for their Worlds run!

    Update! We've been informed by Bushiroad that both first and second place WS Nationals Winners receive airfare and hotel for Worlds!

    Oct 8 Update! Locations and times are ready to go! Only a couple of places left to confirm! Read the rules, pre-register for a Regional, and we will see you there!

    Oct 9 update! Transcription errors for examples in the player info sections have been fixed, and emphasis has been added to shuffling concerns (regarding "seeding" before shuffling)


    Read the rules for players here:
    Player Rules and Regulations

    Read the rules and instructions for advisors and Spot winners here:
    Advisor / Winner Manual


    Register online for the best chance to play in a Regional! Register here!

    Regional Locations

    Nationals Weekend: Dec 2-4, Rochester NY
  • Last Chance Qualifier: Dec 2, RIT Fireside Lounge, 10AM
  • WS Nationals: Dec 3, RIT Fireside Lounge, 10AM, **Invite Required to Nationals**
  • RE Last Chance Qualifier and Nationals: Dec 4, RIT Fireside Lounge, 10AM, **Invite Required to Nationals**
    Invites are earned from top spots at Regionals and the Last Chance Qualifiers

    >> WGP Parking Info Click Here <<

  • Infinity Cards, Sugar Land TX: Sat Oct 14 4PM (2 spots)
  • Curio Cavern, Centreville VA: Sat Oct 14 6PM (2 spots) $5

  • Top Cut Comics, Berwyn IL: Sun Oct 15 1PM (2 spots)
  • Dragon's Lair, Austin TX: Sun Oct 15 1PM (2 spots)
  • Family Time Games, Indianapolis IN: Sun Oct 15 2PM (2 spots) $5

  • Adventure Awaits, Danville IL: Wed Oct 18 6P (2 spots) $5

  • Reality A Games, West Warwick RI: Thurs Oct 19 5P (2 spots) $5

  • Gaming Giant, Fairfax VA: Fri Oct 20 7P (2 spots)

  • Strictly Broken TCG/Nova TCG, Houston TX: Sat Oct 21 4P (4 spots)
  • Battleground Games & Hobbies, Abington MA: Sat Oct 21 2P (4 spots)
  • Card x Cards (formerly Timetwister Games), Davie FL: Sat Oct 21 1P (4 spots)

  • Hammergirl Anime, Rochester NY: Sun Oct 22 4P (4 spots)

  • Eternal Games Chesterfield, Chesterfield MI: Fri Oct 27 6P (2 spots) $10
  • Sci Fi Factory, Fort Worth TX: Fri Oct 27 7PM (2 spots)

  • 88 Cardhouse, Newark CA: Sat Oct 28 5P (2 spots)
  • Card Arena, La Puente CA: Sat Oct 28 1P (4 spots) $10
  • Kirwan's Game Store, Catskill NY: Sat Oct 28 2P (2 spots)
  • Tomato Republic, Santiago Chile: Sat Oct 28 time 3P (2 spots)

  • Darkside Las Vegas, Las Vegas NV: Sun Oct 29 1P (4 spots) $10
  • Unrated Gaming, Cerritos CA: Sun Oct 29 3P (2 spots) $10
  • GoBack Gaming, Fresno CA: Sun Oct 29 12N (2 spots) $10

  • Las Vegas Playgroup, Rainbow Library, 3150 north buffalo drive, Las Vegas, NV 89128: Wed Nov 1 1P (2 spots)

  • Maine Playgroup, University of Southern Maine / Glickman Family Library / Room 423-424 / 314 Forest Ave / Portland ME 04103: Fri Nov 3 10A (4 spots)

  • World's Best Comics, Newport News VA: Sat Nov 4 1230P (2 spots)
  • Sage's Shop, Lafayette IN: Sat Nov 4 2P (2 spots) $5
  • Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming, Pittsburgh PA: Sat Nov 4 12N (2 spots)

  • Black Knight Comics, Essex Junction VT: Sun Nov 5 12N (2 spots)
  • Win Condition Games, Kennesaw GA: Sun Nov 5 1P (2 spots)
  • Warp Gate, Westerville OH: Sun Nov 5 1P (2 spots)
  • CardArt, Sunnyvale CA: Sun Nov 5 1P (2 spots)

  • Dark Side California, Duarte CA: Mon Nov 6 6P (2 spots) $5

  • The Local Game Store, Richardson TX: Sun Nov 12 12N (2 spots)
  • CheatHole, Bogota Colombia: Sun Nov 12 2P (2 spots)
  • K-OS, Markham ON Canada: Sun Nov 12 1PM (2 spots) $10
  • Top Deck Games, Edmonton AB Canada: Sun Nov 12 1P (2 spots)

  • NEW! BC Playgroup, 4211 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2C3: Mon Nov 13 7P (2 spots)

  • Dragon Girl TCG, Phoenix AZ: Tue Nov 14 5P (2 spots)

  • Sentry Box, Calgary AB: Sat Nov 18 12N (2 spots) CAN$10
  • Full Moon Games, Terre Haute IN: Sat Nov 18 330P (2 spots) $5
  • Final Turn, Clifton NJ: Sat Nov 18 3P (2 spots)

  • Webway Games, Marlborough MA: Sun Nov 19 12N (2 spots)
  • Paul's Gamer Zone, Massillon OH: Sun Nov 19 2P (2 spots)
  • Card Quest, Corona NY: Sun Nov 19 130P (2 spots) $10
  • Fan Place, Lima Peru: Sun Nov 19 4P (2 spots)

  • NEW! Nationals Last Chance, RIT Fireside Lounge, Rochester NY: Sat Dec 2 10AM (~16 spots)

    RE EVENTS (same day as WS):
  • Curio Cavern: Sat Oct 14 5PM (2 spots)
  • Hammergirl Anime: Sun Oct 22 2P (4 spots)
  • GoBack Gaming: Sun Oct 29 5P (or after WS ends) (2 spots)
  • Kirwan's Game Store: Sat Oct 28 5P (or after WS ends) (2 spots)
  • Maine Playgroup: Fri Nov 3 12N (4 spots)
  • World's Best Comics: Sat Nov 4 3P (or after WS ends) (2 spots)
  • Warp Gate: Sun Nov 5 4P (or after WS ends) (2 spots)
  • CheatHole: Sun Nov 12 5P (or after WS ends) (2 spots)
  • Paul's Gamer Zone: Sun Nov 19 5P (or after WS ends) (2 spots)
  • Fan Place: Sun Nov 19 7P (or after WS ends) (2 spots)
  • NEW! Nationals Last Chance, RIT Fireside Lounge, Rochester NY: Mon Dec 4 10AM (~8 spots)

    Legal Titles WS
    - All Japanese Titles are allowed, other than Macross F, Girl Friend Beta, School Girl Strikers, Godzilla, Star Wars, Jojo's, Lost Decade, Marvel, Disney/Pixar, and Project Sekai.

    Legal Titles RE
    - All Japanese Titles are allowed, other than Godzilla and Hochi Shojo.

    Regional Application instructions Applications Closed


    Okay, here we go. If you are:
    - the official representative of a Physical Store, or
    - a playgroup, with no available Physical Store in your area, do the following:

    EMAIL US at

    If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, contact us again.

    Use the Subject line "WGP 2023 Regional Request - CITY, STATE/PROVINCE, STORE NAME/PLAYGROUP NAME" (replace city, state/province, and name as appropriate)

    In that email, answer the questions below (don't forget to send your availability! best to copy the block below and just fill it in):

    1: are you representing a store or playgroup, and what is its name?
    2: are you applying for a WS regional, an RE regional, or both?
    3: your name
    4: your email
    5: your phone number
    6: your discord account name
    7: have you personally run a WGP regional before? if so, when and which one?
    8: has anyone from your group/store attended Nationals before? if so, who?
    9: will you personally have cell/internet access during an event (to use our pairing server
    and communicate via phone/Discord for event/judge stuffs)?
    10: Has the store/playgroup you are requesting held a WGP regional in the past? If so,
    which one(s)?
    11: Are you confident in the rules of the game(s) you are running?
    12: Are you able and willing to follow HotC's instructions for the event and remain impartial?
    13: The names and contact information of people that will be able to help at your event (even just one or two is great). Get their permission to list them here! If you plan on playing in the event yourself, make sure to include the name of the person that will be the "non-playing helper".

    IF IT IS A STORE: (Non-Store Playgroups, scroll down for your section)
    14: the store name
    15: the store owner's/manager name
    16: do you have the approval of the owner/manager to request this?
    17: the store email
    18: the store phone number
    19: the store address
    20: the store timezone
    21: the store website
    22: the average weekly players you get by game (WS/RE)
    23: the approximate number of players you would expect at a regional if you had one
    24: the maximum number of players your store can seat for playing at once (do not estimate, exact numbers only, provide details if necessary)
    25: attach photos of your store's outside sign, and play area.
    (Attach 2 photos)

    14: do you have a location to run an event that is open to the public? (such as a local college / community area)
    15: what is the location's address?
    16: the location's timezone
    17: the average weekly WS/RE players you get
    18: the approximate number of players you would expect at a regional if you had one
    19: the maximum number of players your play area can seat for playing, provide details if necessary

    Please let us know, in order of preference with the first answer being your first choice, when you'd be able to run an approximately 6 hour event. If you are also willing and able to run a Rebirth event, let us know when for that as well, between October 6 and November 20 inclusive.

    Note: **The more detail and availability you have, the more chance you will have in getting a regional.**
    An example response:
  • 1. Any friday, starting anywhere from 11am to 7pm and going until as late as 9pm
  • 2. Any Saturday starting at 5 or 6 pm
  • 3. Sunday at noon
  • 4. Monday Oct 16 or 23, 10am start running as late as 4pm

    That's it! We'll reply back within one week - if you don't hear from us by the deadline, drop us an email immediately to doublecheck.

  • © 2011- Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice