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   Berwyn, IL - Top Cut Comics Regional
Name: Andrew F. :: First Place
Deck Name: GOLDEN TRANCER || To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd

How was the regional?
It was nice. Got a bye round one, the played Osomatsu round 2. Round 3 was against Illya and I somehow survived double zwei form. Last round was against shining, but it turned into just throwing characters at each other.

How do you win with your deck?
Obvious Yami finisher and using Run to deny on reverse effects.

Any shoutouts?
Shout outs to my Nghia for passing deck check.

Name: Nghia Khoi P. :: Second Place
Deck Name: Season 3 When || Inbdex/Railgun

How was the regional?

How do you win with your deck?
Dragon Strike to prevent advantage combos and Healing Magic to outlast my opponent

Any shoutouts?
Clinton C. for running the event. The Illiana, and Chicago groups. Plus Top Cut Comics, Gamers World and the Gaming Goat for supporting our community.

Name: Aubrey P. :: Third Place
Deck Name: Karen looking over the stage || The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

How was the regional?
The regionals was very well run. Each round was intense from starting the regional against Johj to ending it against Terraformers.

How do you win with your deck?
Triad Primus early plays a 14k lv3 then at lv3 you attack 5 times.

Any shoutouts?
I would like to give everyone a shout out to those who participated. I would like thank Audri, Ben, David and everyone else in the Illiana group. It only took me 4 tries this time.

Name: Brian M. :: Fourth Place
Deck Name: Grassper Ting || Shining Series

How was the regional?
It was great. I won the first three rounds and it was easy. Almost lost to Index but we we turned cards sideways and stuck damage.

How do you win with your deck?
You throw cards down and turn them sideways. Dragon OP.

Any shoutouts?
Shoutout to my boy Phil for the entire deck. And shoutout to this guy name Nghia for not getting DQ'd from deckcheck again. Shoutout to my boy Grassper.

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