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   San Diego, CA - At Ease Games Regional
Name: Ryosuke T. :: First Place
Deck Name: Turn Cards Sideways || Kantai

How do you win with your deck?
Turn cards sideways

Any shoutouts?
My boys back at IGT

Name: Wilfred C. :: Second Place
Deck Name: Super Matsu Bros || Osomatsu

How was the regional?

How do you win with your deck?
Heal to stock is OP.

Any shoutouts?
shout out to the Luigi to my Mario, Miles W.

Name: Miles W. :: Third Place
Deck Name: Boyfriend Epsilon || Osomatsu

How was the regional?
Free as heck.

How do you win with your deck?
I slayed their waifu with my husbandos.

Any shoutouts?
shoutouts to buttsandcoconuts and my boi peshkatz.

Name: Kevin T. :: Fourth Place
Deck Name: We are Samson C. We are legion. || Fate

How was the regional?
It was fun.

How do you win with your deck?
play +2 soul and ram it in desu.

Any shoutouts?
shout out to my boy Nik M. shout out to IGT.

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