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WGP Mailing

HotC: Last Chance Regional and Nationals info
This is going out to all of the pre-registered Last Chance players and qualified Nationals entrants. If you have any last-minute ruling questions, please direct them to our email before the event.

Event Space Information:
- The tournaments take place in the tournament area of a retail store. Please take care to act responsibly while in the store.
- No food or drink is allowed in the tournament area during the tournaments. There are a number of eateries in the same plaza as the tournament that will be open, which also have bathroom facilities. Other points of interest are listed on the Hammergirl Anime Facebook page.
- The store will have a special Sales Promotion pack for those who spend above a certain amount on Bushiroad roduct. Details will be available in the sales area.
- The entire store has video surveillance, and shoplifting / theft will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times, and secure anything non-essential in your vehicle or hotel room. There will be a lot of people at the store during these events.

General Info:
- Tournaments are best of 1 swiss, 25% top cut into best of 1 single elimination until two players remain, then best of 3 finals.
- The tournaments *START* at 3PM. Pairings begin at 3:05. This means that you need to be there by 3PM, or you will not be able to play. It is HIGHLY SUGGESTED that you show up early.
- Registration for the tournaments start at 1PM, and goes to 3:05. To register, you need to turn in a decklist and translation sheets. You are responsible for bringing correct, printed translations. Should an official translation not be available, a judge can write you a translation card. HotC offers printable translation cards. You will receive a nametag and ID number.
- To facilitate speedy registration, make sure you write legibly, and that your decklist goes by level and by color. for example, a red/green deck should have L0 Reds, then L1 Reds, L2, L3, and Climax. Then L0 Greens, L1, L2, L3, Climax. Make sure your deck follows all rules - 50 cards, 8 climax, banlist, X choose 1 list, etc.
- Upon being paired, you sit at your assigned table and seat. You an your opponent then shuffle and cut decks, and wait for the TO (Tournament Organizer) to call for Rock Paper Scissors. They will instruct you as to the speed of the RPS, and what to do if you tie. Do not work this amount amongst yourselves in advance (this keeps players from unsportsmanlike conduct). The winner of the RPS goes first. The first player discards and draws the cards they want, then the opposing player. Both players now wait for the round to begin, and start playing when the TO starts the round.
- You must offer a translation card for any card played, and for any card that has been in a public zone requested by your opponent. Incorrect translations is a serious offense, as is misrepresentation of any kind (power amounts, etc.)
- When your game is over, raise your hand, and wait. A judge will come over, confirm the winner and loser, then those two players are free to pack up, stand, etc. Please return to the tournament area by the time listed for the next round in the Judge Area.
- In WS, if time is called and you are still playing, you *both* receive a loss. Please call a judge if you feel your opponent is slow playing you.
- Should you have a ruling question, raise your hand, and a judge will address your concerns.
- There is no spectating allowed.
- Should a judge tell you to freeze, continue no actions - no tapping your cards on the table, no shuffling, no anything.

Last-Chance Regional Tournament:
- You may not enter this tournament if you have a previous qualification to the Nationals.
- At the point that there are 8 or less players remaining after the Top Cut, the tournament will be ended, and all 8 players will receive entries into the Nationals. This will allow players time to get some rest, trade, and so on, before the nationals the next day.

National Tournament:
- All players that make the Top 4 will have a short post-tournament interview.
- The absolute final match is Best of 3. The loser of each individual game will choose if they go first or second in the next game.
- There will be a free-play area for players post-Top Cut where players can earn an additional PR card. Note that all players who make the Top Cut will receive a card, so do not feel as if you are 'missing out'.

Last Chance REGIONALS:
Rochester, NY - Hammergirl Anime (sponsored by HotC)- Sat, Nov 10 - 3p (US+CAN)
FINALS (Nationals Invite required):
Rochester, NY - Hammergirl Anime (sponsored by HotC) - Sun, Nov 11 - 3p (US+CAN) © 2011- Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice