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Milky Holmes Fan Fun Q&A

Regarding Nero, Big Eater (MK/SJ01-001J) and Snack Time (MK/SJ01-014):
Q: Is it okay to put snacks on the table?
A: Yes. But if you're at a card shop or at someone else's house, you should ask permission beforehand. Also remember to take your trash.

Q: Do bananas count as snacks?
A: Yes.

Regarding Stone River, A Little Bit Pervert (MK/SJ01-003J)
Q: Regarding the first ability, what does "For each doll on this card that isn't protruding..." mean?
A: This counts anything such as dolls/figures/straps on top of this card that is entirely located within the borders of the card.

Regarding Nero, Free Love! (MK/SJ01-005J)
Q: Do the effect "You give this card to your Opponent" happen during the game? Also, what happens to the pack that exchanged hands with this effect after the fight?
A: Yes, the effect occurs immediately. The change of ownership of the pack and this card is permanent.

Q: The effect of this card occurred and this card was given to the opponent. What happens to the rest of the game, since my deck now has fewer than 50 cards?
A: It is okay to continue playing the rest of the game if your deck ends up having fewer than 50 cards because of this effect.

Regarding Sheryl, Ahahahaha (MK/SJ01-006J)
Q: How many souls does this card have?
A: 15.

Q: What's the trait on this card, since the soul icons cover where the traits would go?
A: This card does not have a trait (i.e. this card is traitless).

Q: If there are 3 characters in your opponent's front row, but my "Sheryl, Ahahahaha" gets reversed during the 1st or 2nd battle, what happens to the rest of the battles?
A: They are still carried out. Once the front attack is declared, the battles will happen even if this card becomes reversed for any reason.
(TL Note: This card can still be removed by effects such as clock-kick, but the attacks will still occur, so the steps will all occur; there just would be no damage dealt and no further reversing of any characters.)

Regarding Sheryl, Can't Step Calling Your Name (MK/SJ01-008J) and Kokoro, HEY! (MK/SJ01-030J)
Q: Does the ability of "Kokoro, HEY!" trigger if opponent pays for the cost of "Sheryl, Can't Step Calling Your Name" (which is [Say "Kokoro-chan" and discard this card from your hand to the Waiting Room])?
A: Yes. So long as the player playing "Kokoro, HEY!" can hear "Kokoro-chan" in any intonation, the card's ability can take place. The point is that the "-chan" portion is there (just like how Sheryl said it).

Regarding Saki, N System Is Great (MK/SJ01-020J)
Q: Does it matter which tweet I click the Like button on?
A: Nope, any tweet is fine.

Q: I want to click the Like button on a tweet, but I don't have an account. Does this mean I can't resolve this card's auto-ability?
A: That is correct, you cannot resolve it because you can't pay the cost. We recommend you to make a Twitter account after the game is over.

Regarding Kokoro, Big Police of Yokohama (MK/SJ01-029J)
Q: How does "... the number of Trigger Checks you perform is 3 instead." resolve?
A: Resolve the triggers (if any) on each card completely before you trigger the next card.

Regarding Let's Karuta! (MK/SJ01-037J)
Q: How do you play Karuta?
A: Click here.

Regarding Elly, Ephemeral Beauty (MK/SJ01-044J)
Q: After I paid the cost for the ability of "Elly, Ephemeral Beauty", if it is placed from the stage to the waiting room again, can I unwrap myself and use the same cloth for the cost of the ability?
A: If possible, please don't. For the sake of Elly who's doing her best with just a single bath towel, please prepare a number of clothes beforehand.

Regarding Henriette, Surprise Party (MK/SJ01-050J)
Q: Do we use the honor system to see whether someone loves Milky Holmes?
A: Yes. People who love Milky Holmes would not lie. And all card gamers love Milky Holmes. © 2011- Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice