An easy-to-play collectible Love Live CCG! Simple mechanics and surprisingly in-depth strategy combine with excellent double-sided card quality to make an affordable, collectible game that can be played solo or with any number of friends!

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Hammergirl Anime
(Rochester, NY)

Black Knight Comics
(Essex Jct, VT)

: Set 1 / Myu's Starter Set Translations
: Set 2 Translations
: Set 3 Translations
: Set 4 / Aqours Starter Set Translations
: Set 5 Translations
: Set 6 Translations
: Foil Holder 1 Translations
: Myu's Special Set (EX05) Translations
: Set 7 Translations
: Special Set (EX06) Translations
: Foil Holder 2 Translations
: Set 8 Translations
: Set 9 Translations
: Myu's Special Set 2 (EX11) Translations
: Set 10 Translations
: Aqours 2 Starter Set (EX09) Translations
: Acrylic Key Holder (EX10) Translations
: Special Scouting Music Box (EX12) Translations

Rule Notes:
[On Entry] (member cards only): Triggers whenever the member ::Entry:: via any means.
[When Participating in a Live] (member/music cards): Triggers whenever ::Live:: occurs with this member.
[On Successful Live] (member/music cards): Triggers whenever ::Live:: occurs and is successful. (In case of member cards, when the ::Live:: that the member is at is successful)
[During Live] (member/music cards): Permanent effect once (this) ::Live:: is successful.
[At Start] (member cards only): Triggers whenever this member is flipped face-up at the start of the game.

Dream Campaign: If you get a card that says "Dream" and a bunch of tiny JP text,
contact us via our Points Exchange, it can get turned in for a special prize! © 2011-current Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice