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Set 9 Translations:

[On Entry] If another member was ::Entried:: this turn, draw 2 cards.

[On Entry] If you have 0 cards in hand, 0 music cards currently in Live, and you have at least 1 other member standing by, ::Entry:: the top card of your deck.

[When Participating in a Live] If there are 4 or more face-down cards in your Set List, +[BLUE]. If there are 7 or more, additional +[BLUE].

[On Entry] You may put a member without Star that is standing by face-down on the bottom of your deck. If so, you may choose a member with exactly 1 Star from your collection with the same name as that member and ::Entry:: it.
(Note: In this case, "your collection" means any card you own that isn't used in this game)

[When Participating in a Live] If there are 2 or more members at this Live with exactly 1 Star, +[ALL][ALL].

[On Entry] You may choose a member without Star in your hand with the same Outfit name as a face-up music card in your Set List and ::Entry:: it. If so, you may ::Live:: at that music card with this member and the member ::Entried:: this way.
(Note: If a music card has multiple songs listed, the member's outfit only needs to match any of the listed songs)

[On Entry] Face-up the top card of your deck. If that member has exactly 1 type of icons, put that member in your hand and draw 2 cards. If that member has exactly 2 types of icons, you may ::Entry:: a member from your hand. If that member has 3 or more types of icons, do both of the above.

[On Entry] If the opponent did a ::Live:: during the previous turn, you may ::Live:: with this member.

[On Entry] You may ::Entry:: up to 3 members with Star from your hand. Any (RUSH), (LIVE), or [On Entry] skills those members may have do not activate.

[On Entry] Choose one of the following: (a) If there are 5 or more cards in the hands of the opponent whose turn is next, draw 4 cards; or (b) ::Entry:: a member without Star from your hand.

[When Participating in a Live] If every member at this Live has the same Outfit, -3 Shared Score.

[When Participating in a Live] If every member on your stage has the same name, +[ALL] to 1 member participating in this Live.

[During Live] If you are not in a Live with another music card that has a skill, for each of your other music card currently in a Live, +1 Live Point.

[On Successful Live] If none of the members at this Live has [ALL], take another turn.

[When Participating in a Live] If every member at this Live is a member of Aqours and they all have different names, +[BLUE] to each of the members participating.

[When Participating in a Live] For each different Outfit by a member of Aqours at this Live, -1 Shared Score. © 2011-current Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice