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MLP CCG Strategy

Flipping your Mane
by 11DBHK

Flipping your Mane Character is the least expensive Power you'll ever earn in the MLP CCG. Doing so before your opponent is the key to winning many games.This article covers the Starter MC's from the two Trial Decks.

Applejack is simplest flip to do - get more Power on a problem than you need. This is easiest by simply playing two 1 Power Friends to a 1/1, then moving Applejack in the next turn for the easy flip. However, if you are running Applejack in a discard deck (one of her strongest suits), you are probably starting Avalanche. If so, you'll have to take a little longer, although getting her and a 2-Power Purple Friend up there will let you take the problem and flip super-early if you can drop an Igneous for +2 or any of the myriad "+2 until end of turn" Events.

Stopping Applejack is another story. While you can slow anyone down with Too Much Pie or Tangled Coiffure, sometimes the best way to handle a 1/1 starting Applyjack problem is to take it from under her - then, she'll have to put 3 Power there at once or force a Single Problem Faceoff, ruining her hard work. This will allow you to score a couple extra confronts, or even do an early Double Faceoff, locking her down for even longer.

Twilight Sparkle is the only Mane that requires opponent interaction, and that means making sure you get her flip right the first time. You could start your typical 1/1, but that might mean getting kicked off your own Problem early. Perhaps start a Monitor EVERYTHING! and hold back, waiting for your opponent to finish their own Problem, then swooping in on your turn with own-turn pumps and getting the early Single Problem Faceoff flip.

Against Twilight, winning those early faceoffs is key to winning the game. Reactions that let you reflip, playing "keep-away" by swooping from Problem to Problem, getting the first-score bonuses but avoiding faceoffs, anything to preserve your advantage.

Rarity flips when she gets 2+ Points from one Problem in one score phase. This is easiest by starting a 1/1 and getting her there as soon as possible - the confront point plus the bonus is all you need, then you can start slowing your opponent down with Rarity's movement-hindrance ability (plus the all-important Inspired). Facing Rarity, getting their Problem's bonus is the key to victory. Do whatever you can to get that 4 power ASAP - you might not be able to, but if Rarity didn't get a great draw, their loss of Power and Inspired may tip the game in your favor.

Lastly, Rainbow Dash. Her flip requires two things - a confront and a Troublemaker. This is easy to do - play a face-down Troublemaker to a Problem the turn before you are ready to confront it, and viola, Boosted Rainbow Dash. To this end, Dash players want to start with a non-villian Troublemaker in their hand, so try to put a larger number than usual in your Deck.

Against Dash, turn one Troublemakers are key. Get something - anything - on her Problem (or wherever she places Her Troublemaker) in the beginning, and she'll have to fight if the hard way, giving you a chance to succeed. © 2011-2013 Heart of the Cards.