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MLP CCG Strategy

To Faceoff or not to Faceoff?
by 11DBHK

While faceoffs get you points, sometimes denying them can be the key to winning the game. When you start a faceoff, particularly a double faceoff, you are making a trade with your opponent - you get a few bonus points, and they get "clean" problems to go for.

Generally, facing off against an opponent in such a way that they will still have Troublemakers harassing them is your best bet. As Troublemakers stick around after a Double Faceoff, you get to scoop the points from a problem, as well as leave them unable to wipe the Troublemaker on their next Troublemaker Phase - giving those precious first-score Problem points open to you.

If that isn't an option, make sure that a Faceoff won't win your opponent the game. A Rainbow Dash player can score 11 points in a single turn post-faceoff for only 4 Action Tokens: Two fresh 3-Point Problems give 2 Confront + 6 Bonus + 3 Double Faceoff Points, all by paying 1 AT to move Dash and 1 more to move a 3-power Off-Blue friend along, and moving Holly for 2 AT can drag any 4-power for free to the any- power Problem, which scores every possible Problem pair in the game. Even if they are both 1 point problems, that's still 5 points, so beware.

If you are ahead in points, it may be worthwhile to stockpile Action Tokens - if you are heavy on one Problem, and they on the other, you'll each get 1 point a turn, which is an eventual victory for you. The ball is in their court - they have to get you off your problem, or get close to that vital 15 points and win at the final faceoff.

If your opponent is low on Power or cards, facing them via Single Problem faceoffs lets you force them to spend more on movement than you. Generally, if you can take the first-score bonus off of every problem in the game, you should cruise to an easy win.

Always think before you start a Faceoff, "if I were my opponent, what would I do for my next turn?" If you can come up with a way to turn things around, so will they. © 2011-2013 Heart of the Cards.