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Promo Promotion

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If you were at a L&L Regional and did not receive a promo card (because the event did not receive theirs in time or ran out), this is your chance to get one! Note that you can only do this if your Regional Coordinator was told by the Head Judge to offer it - this is only done in the case of late promos or abnormally high attendance.

Simply send a letter to:

Heart of the Cards
attn: L&L Promo Promotion
PO Box 18652
Rochester, NY 14618

Include in that letter the following:
1. A slip of paper with your name and Pre-registration Number at the regional you signed up at (if you did not preregister, use your Player Number given you at the tournament)
2. A Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) that we put will your promo (or promos, in case we have more than one) in

Note that you are responsible for the proper postage and envelope quality - if the envelope does not have enough postage and is returned, or is not sturdy enough to hold the promos, we are not responsible.

You should assume that we will be sending you 1-3 promos in the form of WS cards. The SASE should be TO: you and FROM: Heart of the Cards.

We suggest you send us a SASE with a stiff internal backing (like a few index cards taped together into a pouch), stamped enough to let us ship the envelope + the stiff pouch/backing + up to 3 cards. Note that there is a 'non-machinable' surcharge on postage, so they don't go through the bendy rollers. It is up to you to properly label, create, and stamp your envelope. We suggest you take it to your local post office, and ask them for proper postage (include 3 dummy cards when asking them to weigh it so it gets the right weight).

For US residents, 3 Forever Stamps *should* be enough, but don't take our word on it - we don't know how heavy they cardboard backing you are using, we are just going by an example we put together using 6 3x5 index cards taped into a pouch in a business envelope, and selecting "First Class", going from 14618 to a random Washington State ZIP, rectangular envelope with a rigid object, 3 oz. Note that whatever you makes as an SASE has to go into an envelope to send to us, which you also have to stamp.

Due to the large volume of requests, we do not answer emails regarding on if your card is sent, if your request is approved, and so on. Expiry is 2 weeks from the date of the last regional. Only players that signed in at official Regional events are eligible, and of those, only those who did not receive a promo from any other event. Max 1 per player, regardless of the number of events attended. We expect that each player will get 1 card, but if we are given more promotional items by Bushiroad than just 1 card to hand out at Regionals, we want to make sure your letter can handle it. While supplies last. © 2011-2018 Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice