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Quick Manual

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Click here for the Tournament Deck Construction and Restriction List.

T-Rank: Your T-Rank is set at 0 at the start of the game. Whenever you Trance (which includes Trance Change) and as a result a Tranceunion is deployed, your T-Rank increases by 1.
"Covenant - X": "If this Member is chosen along with a Member named X as the Members chosen to activate Trance, the following ability can activate."
"Vanguard": "If the Opponent has zero broken Gates, the following ability can activate."

Notes from the Translators / Judge:
("CIP" = "Comes Into Play" effect: "When this is placed on the stage, do X". "TU": Tranceunion. "LD": Logic Drive.)
  • Cost is paid before effects are determined. Example: 6 Disfia TU in drop, play BT01/047's LD (+3K, +8K instead if 7+ Disfia TU in drop) and there are Disfia TU paid out this way, then he gets +8K because when the effect starts to resolve there are 7+ Disfia TU in drop.
  • Abilities that deploy a member can deploy a TU without abiding by the color/world restriction.
  • Abilities that trigger when a battle is won/lost goes off before the defending member is stocked (if it lost).
  • If you have an active Paradox and play another Paradox with a CIP effect, you can use that CIP effect even if you choose to face-down that Paradox with the CIP effect. (You choose to face-down a Paradox before playing the CIP effect.)
  • If the defending member is moved to another zone prior to determining the battle outcome, the gate on the circle being attacked isn't destroyed.
  • It is recommended to use different sleeves for Main Deck and Gate Deck, but each of them must be uniform.
  • A member can has negative power; it stays on the field however (doesn't leave like in WS).
  • If a Paradox in the Paradox Zone is nullified, it Drops at the end of that battle.
  • The "additional" part of Abilities modified by "additionally" have the same duration as the parent ability unless otherwise noted.

  • BT04/061 - the Logic Drive costs 3 Stock.
  • SPB01/093 - "may choose 1 of your Opponent's Territory 1 members" > "you may choose 1 of your Opponent's Level 2 or less member"
  • PR/0158 - "Liones" is card number PR/0158A. "Lion" is card number PR/0158B
  • PR/0160 - "may not perform Logic Definition" > "may not perform Logic Definition or Level Boost"
  • HBT01/008 - "a level 1 member in your Level Zone" > "a member in your level zone whose printed level is 1"
  • HBT01/011 - "a level X or lower member in your Level Zone" > "a member in your level zone whose printed level is X or lower"

Card-specific Q&As:
  • BT01/004: This card's LD allows you to play another TU's LD; the chosen TU can use its LD even if it doesn't have soul since the ability allows you to do so. The ability also allows you to break the 1/turn limit on LD as well to use the chosen TU's LD.
  • BT01/016EN: We received the following response from Bushiroad USA: "The English version of this card will be issued an errata. You will be able to use the card's auto ability on the opponent's battle phase." The card will play identically to the Japanese version.
  • BT01/031: This card can choose to face-down an opponent's paradox if a copy of itself is placed in the battle zone (there's no restriction on player for its effect, so it can target both player's battle/paradox zone)
  • BT01/045: If her ability triggers (i.e. on Field still at the End of Battle Step), it doesn't count as her losing the battle (since the victory determination step is already over)
  • BT01/074: Ability counts the number of gates not-yet-destroyed *after* she has destroyed a gate. (i.e. ability only works if she breaks the first gate on opponent's side)
  • BT01/091: If she activates her LD and wins a battle but the gate in the circle she's attacking is already broken, nothing happens at all. The losing member doesn't go to stock because her LD grants a replacement effect so the losing member isn't stocked.
  • BT01/093: Using Luck Drive to draw doesn't count as card ability, so her ability doesn't trigger.
  • BT01/110: She can use her ability (drop all soul to bounce self to hand) even if she has no soul, since the cost doesn't require a specific amount to be dropped.

  • 2-Pack Fight Rules!

    1. Prepare 2 Luck & Logic booster packs.
    2. Look at the contents of the packs, choose 3 members and place them face-down.
    3. Shuffle the rest, and decide the attacker by RPS.
    4. Each player draws 2 cards.
    5. Each player decides the member to participate in the battle, and flip them over at the same time.("Judge Your Logic" can be used to coordinate the flip)
    6. Attacker uses the Logic Drive first, followed by the Defender.
    * See the special rules regarding Logic Drive below *
    7. Once both members have used their respective Logic Drives, attacker will attack against the defender.
    * Defender gets the first chance to perform Logic Definition as usual. For other battle rules, see below *
    8. Decide the battle outcome using the normal rules.
    9. Return to step 5 and start the next battle. The player who just lost the battle is the attacker for the next battle.

    The player who wins 2 battles is victorious.

    =========Rules for Logic Drive in 2-Pack Luck & Logic==========
    * Unlike regular L&L, both members will get to use Logic Drive before battle.
    * Only certain effects will work: Card draw, increasing own parameters, and decreasing opponent's parameter.
    * Any conditions that the Logic Drive may have are considered met. (Such as "if you have other members" / "if you have card in Level Zone")
    * If the ability text includes the value "X", X can be declared as any finite number. Similarly, for ability text that says "For every Y, do Z", Y can be declared as any finite number.

    =========Rules for Battle in 2-Pack Luck & Logic=========
    * Each player may only Level Boost as many times as the Limit of his or her member **at the start of the battle**. (For Level Boost, simply draw a card and perform Logic Definition.) You may still perform Logic Definition without Level Boost.
    * If costs are required (such as from a tactics card), you are considered to have an infinite amount of stock in order to pay the cost.
    * Only certain effects on tactics and paradox cards work: Card draw effects and effects that increase/decrease member parameters.
    * Any conditions on tactics and paradox cards are considered met. (Such as member's color, reference to world.)
    *****Note that tactics cards cannot flip cards in this case. Thus, tactics cards will still need to be played from hand to work (despite that they technically no longer need to be played from hand to trigger their abilities)*****
    * If the ability text includes the value "X", X can be declared as any finite number. Similarly, for ability text that says "For every Y, do Z", Y can be declared as any finite number.
    * At the end of each battle, all players adjust their hand size to 2 by drawing/discarding the appropriate number of cards.

    =========Other Rules=========
    * Abilities on members that aren't Logic Drives (that is, any continuous/auto/startup abilities) are disabled and their effects cannot take place.
    * If you ever run out of cards in the Deck, continue the game after Refreshing the Deck. You do not take the usual penalty of removing a card face-down from your Deck.
    * Px are placed to the Paradox Zone as usual, and will affect the other battles as usual.
    My Logicalist
    My Logicalist card is basically your partner that will fight alongside you! Once per game, you can Trance with them in place of a logicalist!
    (Note that My Logicalist card can be either Super Logicalist or regular Logicalist, so whether a Trance is legal will depend on the card. Also, some My Logicalist cards may have world affiliations.)
    How to use:
    1. Prior to the game, My Logicalist card is placed face-down in the new zone "My Logicalist Zone". It is turned face-up at the start of the game.
    2. Choose the appropriate member that My Logicalist card can legally Trance with, and rest the My Logicalist card.
    3. Choose the member to be deployed via Trancing as normal (from either hand or deck).
    4. Only put the other card in the soul of the member deployed via this trance; My Logicalist card remains rested in the My Logicalist Zone.

    Requirements to Use My Logicalist Card to Trance:
    My Logicalist card is standing in the My Logicalist Zone.
    1. My Logicalist card does not go into soul even when it is used to Trance.
    2. My Logicalist card does not stand during stand phase.
    1. My Logicalist cards become tournament legal with the release of the new product in July.
    2. If tournament regulations allow proxy cards to be used, a Logicalist or Super Logicalist card can be used. In this case, the proxy card is considered to have no information with the exception of its name. Also, in this case, the proxy card does not count against the normal maximum of 4-copies in the main deck (since My Logicalist card is not a part of the main deck).
    3. If you Trance with My Logicalist card but decide to not deploy a Tranceunion, the other card used in this Trance is dropped, and My Logicalist card stays rested.
    4. It is possible to trigger covenant effects with My Logicalist cards (although remember proxy cards used as My Logicalist loses all card texts except its name).
    5. My Logicalist is never considered on the field, so it can never be chosen as cost or effect of an ability, nor does it count as a member on the field.
    Trance Change
    Tranceunions with the new ability Trance Change can Trance further to become a different Tranceunion!
    Tranceunions with the Trance Change ability can Trance with a Foreigner to deploy another Tranceunion with the same character name! In addition, Trancing with the Trance Change ability does not count toward the one-Trance-per-turn limit.
    Requirements to Use Trance Change:
    1. The member in question has the Trance Change ability.
    2. You have not done Trance via Trance Change this turn.
    1. Trance Change Limit dictates to how many times Trance Change can be done per turn. (Unless other effects apply, Trance Change Limit is 1.)
    2. There is a strict restriction on what member can be deployed; in addition, the color / level / world requirements must be met as a regular Trance.
    3. If a member with Trance Change is used as part of the Trance, that member and all that member's soul becomes a part of the soul of the member deployed via that Trance.
    1. A member with Trance Change can always be used for Trance Change even if it has no cards in soul.
    2. Unless otherwise indicated, there is no restriction on Foreigners that can be used in Trance Change.
    3. You can Trance Change into the same card or a card with a lower level.
    4. A Foreigner's covenant ability will apply if requirements are met.
    5. An attacking member always gains +1000 power per card in its soul, even if some of the cards in its soul may not have soul information.
    6. A card with a lot of soul that loses a battle on defense will go to Stock along with all its soul (unless otherwise instructed).
    EX Soul (Extra Soul)
    Extra Soul abilities are abilities that become active if the number of cards in soul is at least a specific amount! The effect will vary from member to member!
    You can use Trance Change to help reaching the requirement!
    1. Use a Logicalist and Foreigner to Trance into a member with Trance Change ability.
    2. Use the Trance Change ability on the member just deployed in step 1 and Trance Change with another Foreigner.
    3. Deploy a Tranceunion with Extra Soul ability via Trance Change mentioned in step 2.
    4. If the number of cards in soul is at least the number that the Extra Soul ability requires, the ability becomes active.
    Requirements to Use Extra Soul:
    The member with Extra Soul ability has at least the indicated number of cards in soul as indicated by the Extra Soul ability (so Extra Soul 3 requires three cards in soul, etc).
    1. You can have as many members with Extra Soul ability as you'd like on the field (subject to the usual limitations).
    2. An Extra Soul ability that is either [S] or [A] can be used as many times in a turn if not otherwise indicated (subject to the usual limitation of cost, etc). © 2011-2018 Heart of the Cards. Intellectual Property Notice