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Card Translations

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Officer Cadet, Alekipos

士官候補生 アレキポス
シカンコウホセイ アレキポス
Card No.:G-TD04/019Rarity:TD
Grade:0Clan:Aqua Force
Skill:BoostType:Trigger Unit
Original Card Text
Original Flavor Text
English Card Text
[A] [(R)] [G Break: (1)]: At the end of the battle in which this attacked, you may choose 1 of your other Rearguards and swap that unit with this. If you swapped the units this way, return this to the Library and shuffle your Library. (Do not change their positions.) 
English Flavor Text
It's important to do things slowly. 
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Card #Name (click for details)GradeClan
G-TD04/001Sky Scale Water General, Tidal Bore Dragon
天鱗水将 タイダルボアー・ドラゴン
4Aqua Force
G-TD04/002One Who Exceeded the Storm, Savas
嵐を超える者 サヴァス
3Aqua Force
G-TD04/003Giant Soldier of Optical Hand-to-Hand Combat
3Aqua Force
G-TD04/004Battery Boom Dragon
3Aqua Force
G-TD04/005Kelpie Rider, Dennis
ケルピーライダー デニス
2Aqua Force
G-TD04/006Battle Siren, Rohde
戦場の歌姫 ローデ
2Aqua Force
G-TD04/007Magnum Assault
2Aqua Force
G-TD04/008Hydro Hammer Sailor
2Aqua Force
G-TD04/009Kelpie Rider, Polo
ケルピーライダー ポロ
1Aqua Force
G-TD04/010Railgun Assault
1Aqua Force
G-TD04/011Gun Diver Dracokid
1Aqua Force
G-TD04/012Battle Siren, Phaedra
戦場の歌姫 ファイドラ
1Aqua Force
G-TD04/013Mine Star Trooper
1Aqua Force
G-TD04/014Officer Cadet, Andrey
士官候補生 アンドレイ
0Aqua Force
G-TD04/015Bubble Bazooka Dracokid
0Aqua Force
G-TD04/016Rainbow Sniper
0Aqua Force
G-TD04/017Perceptive Seahorse Soldier
0Aqua Force
G-TD04/018Battle Siren, Carolina
戦場の歌姫 カロリ―ナ
0Aqua Force
G-TD04/019Officer Cadet, Alekipos
士官候補生 アレキポス
0Aqua Force

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