WGP 2021 > 2nd Place
Stephen P :: 2021 NA WGP Runner-up
"Frozen in Sakuya's World" (Touhou Project)

How was the event?
The regional ran smoothly, I had a lot of fun playing! Thanks for hosting this event! Here was my match up spread for Swiss! 4-1
Bang Dream Poppin' Party W
Touhou Perfect Cherry Blossom W
Bang Dream Pastel Palettes L
Hololive Noel/Flare W
Azur Lane Royal Navy
Top 8:
Azur Lane Royal Navy W
Top 4: Azur Lane Royal Navy W
Finals: Touhou Perfect Cherry Blossom L 0-2

How do you win?
The way I win with my deck varies on what cards get flipped into play and I build off of that momentum. The main goal for my deck was to utilize Remilia's Rebirth Combo, [AUTO](Member)[ReCombo “Divine Art “Vampire Illusion”“]:When this character supports an , the supported character gets +2/±0 until end of that attack. In addition, look at three cards from the top of your deck, put a card from among them into your hand, and put the rest into the waiting room. This allows me to dig for blockers, Cancel sparks, and Rebirths to chain combo for the next turn.
Coupled with that, I also rely on Patchouli Knowledge's ability to salvage blockers or cancels while on the offensive. Her effect is on retire, if I have 7 unique cards in waiting room, I may choose a character card from it and add it to hand. This was very useful in 2 of my games, I salvaged a cancel during my attack phase and used them to negate key sparks that would've stopped my attacks from going through! I built my deck with a lot of high defense cards so I can avoid taking too much damage early game, namely with the cost 9 Flandre.
She's 7/9 and if I flip her into entry early it's pretty hard for the opponent to answer her without a partner attack being available. Lastly, the Sakuya rebirth combo is how I aim to close the game. Her effect is: [AUTO](Entry)[ReCombo “Illusion World “The World”“][True Power Level 5 ][1/Turn]:When this character attacks, your opponent cannot use his or her character’s [Spark], [Cancel], [Blocker], and [AUTO] until end of that attack.
This effect was very relevant in the Azur lane match up to shut down their auto ability to block with any Royal Navy in their hand.It Effectively is a partner attack if your attack is high enough to retire!

Any Shoutouts?
I'd like to give a shoutout to Panik100, he's been there with me since the beginning of Rebirth and also helped me playtest my deck for today thank you! Shoutout @Chunni Clan as well!
Link to the Bushiroad deck log! https://decklog.bushiroad.com/view/E0EJ

QtyCard IDNameCostType
4TH/001T-005Flandre Scarlet
3TH/001T-006Alice Margatroid
4TH/001B-020Sakuya, Pocketwatch
懐中時計 咲夜
4TH/001B-022Remilia, Master of the Scarlet Devil Mansion
紅魔館の主 レミリア
4TH/001E-003Sakuya, Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion
紅魔館のメイド 咲夜
2TH/001T-003Sakuya Izayoi
十六夜 咲夜
3TH/001B-023Remilia, Vampire of the Heavy Fog
濃霧の吸血鬼 レミリア
3TH/001E-012Koishi, Closed Eyes of Love
閉じた恋の瞳 こいし
2TH/001B-017Patchouli Knowledge
4TH/001B-071Satori, Third Eye
第三の目 さとり
4TH/001B-019Sakuya, Silver Knife
銀のナイフ 咲夜
1TH/001E-004Remilia, Eternally Young Scarlet Moon
永遠に紅い幼き月 レミリア
4TH/001E-005Flan, Destructive Little Sister of the Vampire
吸血鬼の破滅的な妹 フラン
4TH/001B-091Illusion World "The World"
4TH/001B-092God Art "Vampire Illusion"

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