WGP 2021 > 1st Place
Oliver Shepardson :: 2021 NA WGP Champion
"The decks that cannot be cut by my sword, forged by youkai, are next to none!" (Touhou Project)

How was the event?
It was fantastic! I had a blast playing against new builds of sets I know and a few decks I never faced before. I went into the tournament just hoping to win 1 game considering my performance last year, so it's a huge shock and a great honor to have managed to win the whole thing this year!

How do you win?
The goal of the deck is denial. There are a lot of cards that get rid of opponent's members in one way or another like TH/001E-007, TH/001B-027, or TH/001B-094. Then once the opponent is behind from having to replace members I use the "Boundary of Life or Death" Rebirth or Roukanken Youmu with her Recombo to push for the win with high powered attackers.
I'm running TH/001B-037 and its Recombo because Youmu is my favorite character, but it being a 4/9 is very relevant since if it is in entry early game the opponent may not even be able to retire it, while late game it almost always forces a partner attack. And with the +2/+3 rebirth and other large defenders like Yuyuko, Yukari, and even Merlin if they use their partner attack on Youmu they often can't retire the next entry or have to use 2 attacks for it.
The Card Loader Set added a lot to the deck as well. While I didn't use her much today, TH/001E-008 helps with the resource denial plan. Though as the deck doesn't have a very reliable way to refill hand it's important not to overuse her.
TH/001E-007 was very useful as a reasonable defender and can send members to the waiting room either when pulled back or when played from hand, and added reliability to the deck where before most of the effects that targeted members were only on sparks. TH/001E-006 was very important as both a cheap card that can be played early, or even as a starter (Although TH/001B-038 is usually my starter) and the ReCombo with any rebirth is very powerful. When you can no longer pull back but are stuck with a weak card in entry getting a 6/6 is very strong, even stronger if TH/001B-095 is in play!
Finally the deck only runs 2 cards that do not have the Perfect Cherry Blossom trait. This is because the true power requirement for a lot of the cards is very important and some specifically need Perfect Cherry Blossom. Getting True Power Lvl 3 for TH/001B-038 and making sure as many cards in the deck get the bonus from it as soon as possible is quite important. The only cards without Perfect Cherry Blossom are 2 copies of TH/001B-071, which allow me to play a rebirth from waiting room. This can change the opponents math if a +2/+3 can be set or even eliminate an attack is Youmu's ReBirth is set.

Any Shoutouts?
Shoutout to my local community in Maine including the friends who couldn't play this year, the folks in Rochester who got me interested in ReBirth in the first place, my opponent in the finals who was also playing Touhou making sure Touhou would get 1st place whoever won, and especially ZUN for creating Touhou!

QtyCard IDNameCostType
4TH/001B-038Youmu, Hakurouken
短刀 白楼剣 妖夢
2TH/001E-006Alice, Rainbow-colored Puppeteer
七色の人形使い アリス
2TH/001B-036Merlin Prismriver
4TH/001B-039Youmu, Tower of White Jade
白玉楼 妖夢
4TH/001B-045Yukari, Mastermind Behind the Spiriting Away
神隠しの主犯 紫
2TH/PR-0006Yukari, Autumn Festival
八雲 紫
4TH/001B-003Reimu, Shinto Staff of the Shrine
神社の御幣 霊夢
2TH/001B-027Letty Whiterock
4TH/001E-007Youmu, Half-Phantom Gardener
半分幻の庭師 妖夢
4TH/001B-037Youmu, Roukanken
長刀 楼観剣 妖夢
2TH/001B-071Satori, Third Eye
第三の目 さとり
2TH/001B-040Yuyuko Saigyouji
西行寺 幽々子
3TH/001E-008Yuyuko, Ghost of Flawless Immaculate Beauty
天衣無縫の亡霊 幽々子
3TH/001B-044Yukari Yakumo
八雲 紫
2TH/001B-093Malediction "Magically Luminous Shanghai Dolls"
3TH/001B-094Six Realms Sword "A Single Thought and Infinite Kalpas"
3TH/001B-095Barrier "Boundary of Life and Death"
魂魄 妖夢
1TH/001B-P005Alice Margatroid
1TH/001B-P007Yukari Yakumo
八雲 紫

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