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Card Translations

Fighters Collection 2013 Extra Pack
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Card #Name (click for details)GradeClan
FC01/001Liberator of Steel Lance, Bleoberis
剛槍の解放者 ブレオベリス
3Gold Paladin
FC01/002Protector of Wisdom, Metis
英知の守り手 メーティス
FC01/003Eraser, Electric Shaver Dragon
抹消者 エレクトリックシェイパー・ドラゴン
FC01/004Story Teller
2Dark Irregulars
FC01/005Pretty Celebrity, Charlotte
プリティセレブ シャルロット
2Bermuda Triangle
FC01/006Musketeer of Dandelion, Milkka
タンポポの銃士 ミルッカ
1Neo Nectar
FC01/007Unrivaled Brush, Ponga
無双祐筆 ポンガ
3Great Nature
FC01/008Knight of Silence, Gallatin
沈黙の騎士 ギャラティン
2Royal Paladin
FC01/009Fellowship Jewel Knight, Tracy
友愛の宝石騎士 トレーシー
2Royal Paladin
FC01/010Little Sage, Marron
小さな賢者 マロン
1Royal Paladin
FC01/011Stinging Jewel Knight, Sherry
必中の宝石騎士 シェリー
1Royal Paladin
FC01/012Dark Sage, Karron
黒の賢者 カロン
1Shadow Paladin
FC01/013Liberator of Silence, Gallatin
沈黙の解放者 ギャラティン
2Gold Paladin
FC01/014Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth
美技の騎士 ガレス
1Gold Paladin
FC01/015Little Liberator, Marron
小さな解放者 マロン
1Gold Paladin
FC01/016Battle Maiden, Izunahime
戦巫女 イヅナヒメ
FC01/017Battle Maiden, Sahohime
戦巫女 サホヒメ
FC01/018Battle Maiden, Mihikarihime
戦巫女 ミヒカリヒメ
FC01/019Berserk Dragon
FC01/020Bellicosity Dragon
FC01/021Eraser, Sonic Boom Dragon
抹消者 サンダーブーム・ドラゴン
FC01/022Red River Dragoon
FC01/023Eraser, Demolition Dragon
抹消者 デモリッション・ドラゴン
FC01/024Velvet Voice, Reindeer
ベルベットボイス レインディア
3Bermuda Triangle
FC01/025Water General of Wavy Spiral, Benedict
波状螺旋の水将 ベネディクト
3Aqua Force
FC01/026Tear Knight, Teo
ティアーナイト テオ
1Aqua Force
FC01/S01King of Knights, Alfred
騎士王 アルフレッド
3Royal Paladin
FC01/S02Blaster Blade
2Royal Paladin
FC01/S03CEO Amaterasu
CEO アマテラス
3Oracle Thinktank
FC01/S04Phantom Blaster Dragon
3Shadow Paladin
FC01/S05Blaster Dark
2Shadow Paladin
FC01/S06Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel
灼熱の獅子 ブロンドエイゼル
3Gold Paladin
FC01/S07Dragonic Overlord
FC01/S08Dragonic Kaiser, Vermillion
FC01/S09Asura Kaiser
3Nova Grappler

Trial Decks
- Blaster Blade
- Brawler of Friendship
- Descendants of the Sea Emperor
- Dimensional Brave Kaiser
- Divine Judgment of the Bluish Flames
- Dragonic Overlord
- Eradicator of the Empire
- G: Awakening of the Interdimensional Dragon
- G: Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine Spirits
- G: Divine Swordsman of the Shiny Star
- G: Fateful Star Messiah
- G: Flower Maiden of Purity
- G: Illusionist of the Crescent Moon
- G: Rallying Call of the Interspectral Dragon
- G: Vampire Princess of the Nether Hour
- Golden Mechanical Soldier
- Legend Deck The Dark
- Liberator of the Sanctuary
- Maiden Princess of the Cherry Blossoms
- Malefic Deletor
- Purgatory Revenger
- Resonance of Thunder Dragon
- Seeker of Hope
- Slash of Silver Wolf
- Star-vader Invasion
- Successor of the Sacred Regalia
- Will of the Locked Dragon
   Booster Packs
- G Set 1: Stride Generation
- G Set 2: Soaring Ascent of Gale & Blossom
- G Set 3: Sovereign Star Dragon
- G Set 4: Soul Strike Against the Supreme
- G Set 5: Moonlit Dragonfang
- G Set 6: Transcension of Blade and Blossom
- Movie Set 1: Neon Messiah
- Set 10: Triumphant Return of the King of Knights
- Set 11: Seal Dragons Unleashed
- Set 12: Binding Force of the Black Rings
- Set 13: Catastrophic Outbreak
- Set 14: Brilliant Strike
- Set 15: Infinite Rebirth
- Set 16: Legion of Dragons & Blades
- Set 17: Blazing Perdition
- Set 1: Descent of the King of Knights
- Set 2: Onslaught of Dragon Souls
- Set 3: Invasion of the Demonic Marquis
- Set 4: Eclipse of the Hollow Shadow God
- Set 5: Awakening of Twin Blades
- Set 6: Breaker of Limits
- Set 7: Rampage of the Beast King
- Set 8: Blue Storm Armada
- Set 9: Clash of the Knights and Dragons
Extra Packs
- Banquet of Divas
- Cavalry of Black Steel
- Celestial Valkyries
- Champions of the Cosmos
- Comic Style Vol. 1
- Dazzling Divas
- Divas Duet
- Divine Dragon Progression
- Fighters Collection 2013
- Fighters Collection 2014
- Fighters Collection 2015
- Fighters Collection 2015 Winter
- G Clan Booster 1: Academy of Divas
- G Clan Booster 2: Commander of the Incessant Waves
- G Comic 1: Vanguard & Deletor
- G Extra 1: Cosmic Roar
- G Technical Booster 2: The Reckless Rampage
- Infinite Phantom Legion
- Mystic Magus
- Requiem at Dusk
- Touken Ranbu Online
- Waltz of the Goddess
- Card Gamers Vol. 7 Gold Paladin Starter Set
- Cardfight!! Vanguard Zero Royal Paladin Starter Set
- Daigo Special Set
- Jan 2014 Monthly Bushiroad Vanguard Deck
- Kerokero Ace Flash Fight Starter Set
- Kerokero Ace Flash Fight Starter Set No. 2
- Kerokero Ace Vanguard Starter Set
- Promos (0001-0050)
- Promos (0051-0100)
- Promos (0101-0150)
- Promos (0151-0200)
- Promos (0201-0250)
- Promos (0251-0300)
- Promos (0301-0350)
- Promos (0351-0400)
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