KNK/W86-043   恥ずかし乙女
Embarrassed Maiden

Traits: None
あなたは自分の手札の「桜沢 墨」を1枚まで選び、舞台の好きな枠に置き、次の相手のターンの終わりまで、そのキャラに次の2つの能力を与える。『【永】 このカードのバトル中、相手は『助太刀』を手札からプレイできない。』『【永】 このカードは相手の効果に選ばれない。』
If you have 1 or less Characters with "Sumi" in name, you cannot play this from hand.
Choose up to 1 "Sumi Sakurasawa" in your hand, place it to any Slot on your Stage, and until the next end of your Opponent's Turn, it gains the following 2 abilities. "[C] During Battles involving this, your Opponent may not play BACKUP from hand." "[C] This cannot be chosen by your Opponent's Effects."