HLL/WE28-19   冷静沈着な使者 セレン
Seren, Calm and Cool Foreigner

Trait 1: 使者 (Foreigner)   Trait 2: None
【起】[(1) このカードをカード名に「万博」を含むキャラの下にマーカーとして表向きに置く] あなたは自分の山札を上から4枚まで見て、カード名に「万博」を含むキャラか「万博の発明品」を1枚まで選んで相手に見せ、手札に加え、残りのカードを控え室に置く。
[S] [(1) Put this face-up under a Character with "Mahiro" in name as Marker] Look at up to 4 cards from top of your Library, search for up to 1 card that is either a Character with "Mahiro" in name or "Mahiro's Inventions", reveal it, put it in your hand, and put the rest in the Waiting Room.