DAL/W79-072   実践=先生を口説く
Practice = Persuade The Teacher

Traits: None
【自】 記憶 あなたのメインフェイズの始めに、思い出置場にこのカードがあるなら、あなたは自分の控え室の、《デート》か《精霊》のキャラを2枚まで選び、手札に戻し、このカードを控え室に置く。2枚戻したなら、あなたは自分の手札を1枚選び、控え室に置く。
Send this to Memory.
[A] RECOLLECTION At the beginning of your Main Phase, if this is in Memory, choose up to 2 Characters with ::Date:: and/or::Elemental::, return them to hand, and put this in the Waiting Room. If 2 cards were put in your hand in this way, choose a card in your hand and discard it to the Waiting Room.