DAL/W79-017   疑いの眼差し 琴里
Kotori, Suspicious Look

Traits: デート (Date), ラタトスク (Ratatoskr)
【起】[手札の「休養の提案 神無月」を1枚控え室に置き、このカードを【レスト】する] 次の2つの効果のうちあなたが選んだ1つを行う。『あなたは相手の前列のキャラを1枚選び、手札に戻す。』『あなたは自分の控え室の、《デート》か《精霊》のキャラを1枚選び、手札に戻す。』
[S] [Discard a "Kannazuki, Suggestions for Relaxing" from your hand to your Waiting Room, Rest this] Choose 1 of the following 2 actions and perform it. "Choose a Character in your Opponent's Front Row and return it to their hand." "Choose a Character with ::Date:: or ::Elemental:: in your Waiting Room and return it to your hand."