LBT01/046   負けられない戦い らいぶ
A Battle She Can't Afford to Lose Live

Trait 1: 2期 (Season 2)   Trait 2: 12話 (Episode 12)
Trait 3: - (None)
World: -
[A]: あなたが《らくろじ部》のメンバーの[LD]:をプレイした時、あなたの山札の上から3枚を見て、その中から3枚まで選び、山札の上に好きな順番で置き、残りを山札の下に好きな順番で置く。
[A] When you play the [LD] of your ::Luck & Logic Club:: member, look at up to 3 cards from top of your Deck, choose up to 3 of them and put them on top of your Deck in any order, and put the rest on the bottom of your Deck in any order.