MB/017   宝鏡の女神 オオヒルメ
Goddess of the Sacred Mirror, Oohirume

Clan: Oracle Thinktank   Race: Noble
【起】【(V)】:【双闘21000】「CEO アマテラス」(相手ヴァンガードがグレード3以上なら、このユニットは1度だけドロップゾーンから4枚山札に戻し、山札から指定カードを探し、双闘できる)
[S] [(V)]: [Legion 21000] "CEO Amaterasu"
[S] [(V)]: [Counterblast: (1)] If this is Legioned, name a card, and reveal the top card of your Library. If it's the named card, Soulcharge: (2), and choose up to 2 cards in your Damage Zone and turn them face-up. Then, if the revealed card has the same name as a unit in your (V), draw 2 cards. This ability cannot be used again this turn.