G-BT03/030   ヒロイックサーガ・ドラゴン
Heroic Saga Dragon

Clan: Kagero   Race: Flame Dragon
[A] [(V)] [G Break: (1)]: When this attacks a Vanguard, your Opponent may choose 1 of his or her Rearguards and Retire it. If a card is not Retired this way, this gains +1 Critical and "[A] [(V)]: At the start of the Damage Step in which this attacked, if your Opponent has exactly 1 Guardian, choose 1 of your Opponent's Guardians and Retire it, and negate all effects of that unit that includes 'cannot be hit'" for the turn.
[A]: [Counterblast: (1), Soulblast: (1)] When this is placed to (V), you may pay cost. If so, choose 1 of your Opponent's Grade 1 or lower Rearguards and Retire it.