FC02/003   究極次元ロボ グレートダイカイザー
Ultimate Dimension Robot, Great Daikaiser

Clan: Dimension Police   Race: Battlroid
【永】【(V)】:あなたのソウルに「超次元ロボ ダイカイザー」があるなら、このユニットのパワー+2000。
[A] [(V)] [LB:(4)]: [Counterblast: (2) - Cards with "Dimension Robot" in name] When this attacks, you may pay cost. If so, this gains +1 Drive Check for the battle. This ability cannot be used again this turn. (This is true even if the cost is not paid)
[C] [(V)]: If "Super Dimension Robot, Daikaiser" is in your Soul, this gains +2000 Power.