FC01/003   抹消者 エレクトリックシェイパー・ドラゴン
Eraser, Electric Shaver Dragon

Clan: Narukami   Race: Thunder Dragon
[A] [LB:(4)]: When another ::Narukami:: Rides on this, choose 1 of your Vanguards. It gains +10000 Power and "[A] [(V)]: When an Opponent's Rearguard is moved to the Drop Zone by an effect of your cards, choose 1 of your Opponent's Rearguards in the same column snd the Back Row as the (R) in which the Retired unit was in and Retire it" for the turn.
[A] [(V)]: When this attacks, if there are 3 or more cards in your Opponent's Damage Zone, this gains +2000 Power for the battle.
[C] [(V)/(R)]: Lord