EB08/S02   ギャラクシー・ブラウクリューガー
Galaxy Blaukruger

Clan: Nova Grappler   Race: Battlroid
[A] [(V)] [LB:(4)]: [Counterblast: (2), Discard 2 ::Nova Grappler:: from your hand] When your Vanguard or Rearguard whose name includes "Blau" hits a Vanguard with an attack, you may pay cost. If so, Stand all your units in the same column as this. This ability cannot be used for the rest of the turn. (This is true even if the cost is not paid)
[C] [(V)]: If "Stern Blaukruger" is in your Soul, this gains +2000 Power.
[C] [(V)/(R)]: Lord