BT15/S03   解放者 モナークサンクチュアリ・アルフレッド
Liberator, Monarch Sanctuary Alfred

Clan: Gold Paladin   Race: Human
[A] [(V)] [LB:(5)]: When your "Blaster Blade Liberator" is placed from Library to (R), this gains +10000 Power and +1 Critical for the turn.
[S] [(V)] [LB:(4)]: [Counterblast: (3), Soulblast: (2)] Put all your Rearguards and Locked Cards on top of the Library in any order, and look at 5 cards from top of your library and search for up to 5 cards with "Liberator" in name and cCall them to separate (R)s, put the rest on bottom of the Library, and this ability cannot be used again this turn.
[C] [(V)]: During your turn, for each Rearguard you have, this gains +1000 Power.
[C] [(V)/(R)]: Lord